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Millennial Minute Vol.1

Millennial Minute presents top-notch live session series for indie music lovers.

-Art Installation
-Fashion Exhibition
-Live Music
-Merch Market

In a live show, we like to think the magic comes from the heart of the performers that goes hand in hand with maintaining a positive vibrations/relationship with the audience. We also believe the importance of capturing it. 

This event is open to all kinds of freedom and art lovers, if you love real music with raw energy, this is the place for you. 

5:00- Doors Open
7:00- Sessions Start
11:00- Free Jam (audience can also participate)

My Life as Ali Thomas - This name is no stranger to indie fans, the release of two live sessions; "Lover to Lover" and "All My Inventions", which garnered them loyal fans and with much anticipation they've recently released the studio version of "Lover to Lover" and "Cordelia".

Penny Time - the Indierock/Alternative band independently released their first/debut single "Now" and in mid 2016 the band had released "Conversating" to which landed their first number 1 on Cat Radio as they garnered a very positive reception. Their latest single "For Her" also consecutively landed on number 1 making them the official indie scene's up and coming band.

X0809 - X0809 is an electronic music duo from Bangkok, Thailand - composed of Note Panayanggool and Anya Muangkote. The duo had recently released their second single “Ho” to much anticipation.

Makara - Makara is a brand new pop-pai-reuyruey project residing in Bangkok. Makara's music is filled with drive and personality, a definite interesting act for the night.

Entry: 300 Baht (very cheap!)

*More Info To Be Announced*

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