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Summer Camp Surf Rocker

Welcome to our playground of creativity!

Rockademy Thailand is thrilled to announce this year's Summer Camp. Last year was a great success and we're making sure that this year will be even more LEGENDARY!

Rockademy Thailand Presents SUMMER CAMP SURF ROCKER
April 16-18, 2014

Day 1: Rockademy Live! and Surf

Day 2: Rockademy Dance and Surf

Day 3: Rockademy Art and Surf

Join our 3 day camp for just 6,900 Baht or choose one or two days for 2,900 Baht/day.

Discover yourself through:

Specially designed classes to bring out your inner rocker.
We'll make you rock the stage!

Merging movements, grooves and stage presence. 
Get in touch with the music and bring it to life through your moves.

Express your inner caveman/woman and paint music into a picture. Colour up your life!

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We’ll help you, discover yourself

“Life Is Your Stage, Rock It”

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