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Nowhere End

NOWHERE END is a Bangkok-based independent music promoter with an aim to support live indie music acts. This event held at Rockademy will be their 7th event and at the same time their 1 year anniversary. The lineup features an extensive list of local bands, including Punk, Hardcore, Rock, Shoegaze, Electronic, Indie Rock, Dream Pop and more. Entry fee is 200 Baht. 


Line up:

JIMMY Revolt (Pop punk/Post Hardcore/Punk Rock)

Is an Angry Thai melodic punk rock band based in Bangkok , formed in 2010 by Fern (vocalist / guitar) and Ball (drums) ex members of Thai Pop punk emo band "Ritalinn". They play in the underground and have opened for international punk acts including Sum41, MXPX, heroes for hire and backed up Kris Roe as the Ataris band during his show in Bangkok on his south east Asia tour. They released their first 8 track D.I.Y E.P. Album titled "Your brain is Dead and so are you" in 2013. The band lyrics focus society and class struggle and encourage people not to give up.

Naked/Astronaught (Electronic rock/Shoegaze/Trip Hop)

Formed in 2013 under Comet Records BKK label run by Mr. Jakchai Panchanon (Casinotone). The band consist of 5 members, Oranan Tangpanitanon (vocals), Anis (guitar), Krittapart Srinarongkool (bass), Phakawat Charoenlarp (drums) and Nattikorn Tiabtiam (keyboards/synths). The band name was inspired by a state of being free from any constraints. Allowing themselves to discover a new way of life and music through living outside the world they live in. They describe their sound as street beat which has lots of rhythms, dreamy vocals, echoes, swirling guitars, jazzy keyboards, funky bass and synths. They write and record at Sound Suite Studio produced by Mr. Chawanet Asanasen. They released one song "Leaving By The Train" under Comet Comic Compilations. They hope to release a full album this year (2014), showcasing our tracks "Leaving by The Train", "Blue Moon Voice", "Secret Life", "Wake Up and Dance", "Saturday" and "Invisile".

Cut The Crab (Electronic)

(ต๋อม) หลงใหลในเพลง Electronic มาตั้งแต่เด็ก หลังจากเรียนจบคณะดนตรีก็ได้เริ่มทำเพลงมาเรื่อยๆและเริ่มสนใจที่จะสะสมอุปกรณ์ Hardware Synthesizer ต่างๆเพื่อเอามาทำเพลงและเรียนรู้หลังจากปล่อย Single แรก Feel My Eye ก็เริ่มมีความคิดที่จะทำวงดนตรี Electronic แต่ทำยังไงที่จะไม่ใช้คอมพิวเตอร์เป็นส่วนหนึ่งของวง หลังจากได้มีโอกาศเจอเพื่อนอีกสองคนที่มีความสนใจในเรื่องเดียวกันคือ ปั้น ซึ่งเป็นคนทำเสียงประกอบในภาพยนตร์ดังๆมาแล้วหลายเรื่องและเต๋ามือคีย์บอร์ด Noah Tape พวกเขาก็ได้รวมตัวกันทำวงเล่นสดในนาม Cut The Crab and The Bitches อีกไม่กี่เดือนรอพบกับอีกสอง single ที่จะมี special guest มาช่วยร้องนำ

The trio has been making waves on YouTube since early 2013, but only made it to the stage last December as the opening act for rising J-Pop star Bombi. It was totally worth the wait. The band, armed with synths and drum machine, blend new wave pop smarts with crude electronics—the result being glorious white noise you can really dance along to. “Cut The Crab is a band with real variety. They formed a while back and did some recording with Delicate, but have really made the leap this year. Over the past two years, they’ve honed their live show which combines lots of synths and effects. The result is an interesting variation on the usual electronica. When you see them live, it’s impressive how they engineer their sound from all their gear, plus maintain an element of fun, too." — Benz Auttarat, Space 360 and founder of Delicate Music Group

Count the Thief (Indie Rock)

A band of multi-instrumentalists with a wide range of influences that culminate in one very distinctive sound. With a balance of intricate rhythms, sweeping melodies and driving riffs, this alternative indie rock outfit puts on a show that's not to be missed.

de...connextor aka DCNXTR (Electronic Dream Pop)

An Electronic Music Project created with the passion of Synthesizers that explores the dichotomy between dream pop and soothing dream-like atmospheric synthetic sounds filled of with energy and exquisitely laid melody. 
DCNXTR was formed when two members from electronic rock band “Revenge Of The Cybermen”; Charlie de Nipanan and Piruntar Kalasanimi realized they had a common philosophy when it came to music.
Today, DCNXTR has two new members; Kittipong OJMAH Chearananta who has taken on Synthesizers and Mont LINGDUM Watanasiriroch, the visualizer for the group. 
‘Beautiful Moment’ is their first single after the band’s reunion and the song represents their best times together and the vitality of DCNXTR.

Nowhere End #7 Teaser
February 2021