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KINGKAN AW14 "License to Kill"

KINGKAN showcase their Autumn and Winter 2014 collection under the theme "License to Kill"



‘KINGKAN’ believes in the individuality and sophistication of women. There is something more that meets the eye. What makes a woman seductive is the personality underneath her public persona, the traits that are hidden, yet when revealed is strikingly stunning. ‘KINGKAN’ can be best described as a seductive minimalist with a mysterious yet rebellious soul.

The designer’s inspiration comes from the textures and patterns from the surrounding environment. Her appreciation in the distinctive details is translated onto the fabrication of the garments, creating a unique fabric print. Each pattern of the fabric is totally different from each other. The garments are actually sewn, accentuating on the disguised details on each piece allowing for the details to be seen from only certain perspectives. The jewellery line also displays an interesting technique with the art of compounding resin and shaping it into a beautiful one of a kind jewellery. From animal texture to the polished gems, KINGKAN’s collection always makes a bold statement.

For ‘KINGKAN,’ fashion is not a matter of trend but is a piece of art that has its own blend of uniqueness and individuality. Therefore each piece from the collection is a limited edition piece.

‘KINGKAN’ creates a collection that is minimal but invites your curiosity to keep on searching for the unseen.

KINGKAN AW14 "License to Kill"
March 2021