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Jake Crowl
Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Jake started playing drums at the age of 5. While in high school, he never shied away from any music program – joining everything from concert band, jazz band and marching band, particularly the Winter Guard International's indoor drum line "Green Thunder Percussion" as the drum set player, touring through the mid-west. After high school, Jake went on to graduate from the renowned Musicians Institute with a degree in drum performance. Apart from being our regular instructor, he can also be spotted on stages across Thailand as the drummer for artist Stamp Apiwat.
Learn Drums Bangkok
Panapong Permpoon (Top)
Guitar/Music Production
An amazing guitarist with influences ranging from Blues to Electronica. A graduate from Mahidol University’s College of Music, Top is known as a highly skilled and versatile performer who is also very innovative, usually incorporating the use of samples and other musical electronics into his performances. He has also recorded with artists such as Sqweez Animal, Apartment Khunpa, and Lullaby. Currently he is the guitarist for bands such as The Lowdowns and LUSS.
Learn Drums Bangkok
Petepong Phasukyud (Pete)
Former CU band winner, Pete 'Over Me,' is a highly talented singer with a burning passion for Broadway musicals. This is evident in his singing style and stage persona, screeching out inhumanly high notes with extravagant stage antics. Aside from being a singer, Pete also provides voice-overs for TV shows and commercials.
Learn Drums Bangkok
Prakai Voranisarakul (Mick)
Mick is the very definition of “Rock Star,” singing lead vocals and guitar for his band ‘Abuse the Youth.’ As the front man, he has led them to win several music awards, perform on stage at Fat Festival and Big Mountain, as well as tour in neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Armed with his grungy guitar riffs and raspy vocals, Mick was born to be a Rock Star.
Learn Drums Bangkok
Put Suksriwan
Put is a multi-instrumentalist with 17 years experience playing the guitar, bass and drums for many bands in the UK, Japan and Thailand. He has an experimental solo guitar project called Wednesday, which has performed many shows in Japan and Thailand. Put also drums full time for a rock ‘n’ roll band called Plastic Section and plays the bass guitar for a hardcore band, Cana. He was also the founder of Bangkok original live music venue, Harmonica, where Hariguem Zaboy, Monomania, aire and many established bands performed in their early years.
Learn Drums Bangkok
Nonlapan Umpuch (Pun)
Singer/Songwriter for LUSS and Jelly Rocket. Pun has a strong command of her voice and is passionate with music from various genres; Hip-hop R&B, Dream Pop, EDM and K Pop. Despite taking part in a school choir for 10 years, Pun actually grew up around Hip-hop and R&B with influences like Ne-Yo, 50 Cent, Eminem, Jojo and etc. One thing she always tell her students at Rockademy is, “never be afraid to express yourself!”
Learn Drums Bangkok
Sirasith Tangbunduangjit (Ben)
Ben graduated from Mahidol University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Entertainment, majoring in bass guitar. He loves funk, groove and disco music that’s fun, kind of like his personality. Ben studied piano since he was 4 years old and started to play guitar and bass, as he grew older. From all those years playing the piano from a young age, Ben has really good ear training. He also has a lot of experiences playing back up for many famous Thai bands. So if you’re looking to learn keyboard, piano or bass, Ben’s the one!
Learn Drums Bangkok
Iñigo Mantecón
Guitar/Bass/Music Production
Berklee College of Music Alumni. Master Guitarist/Composer for Trøx and Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer for many signed artists such as Mari, The Drive, Nico, Aqua, Etc. His musicianship demands respect from his peers, his command of the guitar is simply amazing.
Learn Drums Bangkok
Pakin Watanaruk (Saint)
Bassist for legendary Thai band Chaliang, and guitarist for No More Tear's vocalist, Fukfang, as well as his own band 'Town'.